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Agriculture Training Institute, Ilonga-Morogoro, REG/ANE/011, Chuo cha ufundi cha serikali kilichopata usajili wa kudumu, Morogoro, Kamili

Programs Offered

Long courses

Certificate course

Diploma course

Short courses that are offered at the institute upon client request include:
•    Production  of field and horticultural crops for farmers and or extension workers
•    Post harvest processing and packaging of field crops (e.g. production of beverage, alcohol, food products from cereals, fruits and vegetables).
•    Nutritional Management for specific groups like children and invalids.
•    Training and management of draught animals.
•    Small scale seed production.
•    Dairy cattle management
•    Poultry production
•    Farmer to farmer training approach

Admission and Applications

Certificate course
Requirements for admission in certificate course (NTA level 5)
An applicant is considered for admission to a certificate course if she/he passed three or more science subjects in ‘O’ level examination. A pass n English and mathematics is highly advantageous.
Diploma course
Requirements for admission in a diploma course (NTA level 6).
Pre-service applicants are considered for admission to a diploma course if they passed science subjects at Principal levels (One or more) Candidates  with one principal level subject must have two passes in science subjects, in-service applicants are considered for admission if they pursued a certificate course in MATIs or LITIs.



P.O.BOX 66,



e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +255 787 327435

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